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Our Site is about … OK you guessed it!

Mammoth Donkeys

We have been Mammoth Donkey enthusiast for the past 20 or so years. And about 10 years ago we decided to start raising them.

The old adage … “Everything is bigger in Texas” made it a perfect fit for us and Mammoth Donkeys!

Getting Started raising Mammoth Donkeys.

How about some history on our Mammoth Donkey seed stock. Living in the “Heart of Texas”, thru the years we have made many friends and have many contacts in the Quarter Horse industry.

One of those friends raises foundation bred Quarter Horses, I had called and visited with him about buying a yearling colt. The weekend we had available to visit his ranch, he informed us he would not be there, but his ranch foreman would take us around and show us the yearlings he had for sale.

My wife and I had talked about acquiring a small herd of Mammoth Donkeys and start raising them. At this time we hadn’t done much more than agree it was something we would like to do down the road.

A Mammoth Donkey Surprise …

The day we set out to visit our friends ranch, which is about an hour and a half from our ranch, it was a gorgeous sunny fall day. When we arrived, we were greeted by the ranch foreman and we set out to look at the yearlings. The yearlings were scattered about the ranch in 3 or 4 different places.

As we made our way around the ranch, we happened thru a pasture full of Mammoth Donkey Jennets! At the time, we were not aware that our friend was raising Mammoth Donkeys. So seeing them initially was quite a pleasant surprise to us. The rest is pretty much history.

I asked if he had any of the Mammoth Donkeys For Sale. The foreman made a phone call, to our friend (the owner of the ranch) and he said yes. After we picked out a Jennet and a Mammoth Jack to our liking, we agreed upon a price, loaded them up and to home we went.

And that is the story of our beginning raising Mammoth Donkeys.

So keep tuned in to our site for exciting updates about our journey raising, enjoying and sharing our Mammoth Donkeys with others.

We’ll talk soon!

Are Mammoth Donkeys Right for You?

The Mammoth Donkey Experience!

Thru the years, raising Mammoth Donkeys has been exciting and brought much happiness into our lives. We really enjoy foaling season every year.

Our jennets never cease to amaze us. Each little Mammoth Foal comes with its own individual personality and they are cute as a button.

As these little ones grow and mature, their docile do-miner and their personalities which are passed on to them, are shaped and evolve into what I call "The Mammoth Donkey Traits of Terror". Don't take that the wrong way…it's meant to be a joke.

You can watch each one and identify their mothers' by the way the act. It is really a hoot. Until you experience it, you may not understand what I am saying.

On a side note: We generally have a few Mammoth Donkeys for sale. Give usa call to find out what we have available. We'd be happy for you to stop by and take a look.